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Welcome to Digital Vastu

Our company steps out from the realm of physical Vastu into the realm of unseen energies controlling the science of Vastu.

We have an experience of 17 years working with the aura of the human body and that of the earth.

Just as the conscious mind is 1% and subconscious mind is 99%. An iceberg is 1% visible and 99% invisible; the same is with our life. The physical is very little and it is the unseen that controls our world.

The shape of a home/ office creates an energy matrix. This matrix should be as per laws of Vastu but in almost all cases the energy produced and distributed is inappropriate. We at Digital Vastu specialize in readjusting the energies and create an all pervading powerful energy field which complies with the laws of Vastu.


Vastu for OfficeWe were the first to build the tallest tower in Guahati. The Vastu was done by Shree Ashok Sachdev. After its success we made the first mall in Guahati and this was designed and made as per Vastu. We did face some unexpected problems but we were able to overcome them and complete the project on time.
We have done several projects of building complexes and in all our projects Shree Ashok Sachdev's Vastu suggestions helped us in all stages of our projects. We are building a college of Architecture. Vastu for Health

Mr. Abanidas (Donna Builders)

Vastu for HomeOur Project in Chennai was stuck for over 5 years. We consulted several Vastu experts with no positive change. Shree Ashok Sachdev studied the land and changed the vibrations, our project took off immediately and we completed the project satisfactorily.
Shree Ashok Sachdev has done earth healing for all our projects and the corrections done in our Thane project has protected us from Ley line passing through our plot. The position of everything in our plot is as per Vastu and the ground energy is 49500 Bovis. Vastu for Home

Mr. Uma Shankar Modi (MBC Builders)

Vastu for HealthShree Ashok Sachdev was recommended by my friend and after consulting him for my property in Alibaugh and the success I got by making a small change gave me a lot of confidence. I use his services for myself and all my clients as I have found that there is magic in what he does.
My success depends a lot on my clients and they are happy with the services of Shree Ashok Sachdev. They are doing well in their business and are giving me a lot of repeat business. Mr. Sachdev's approach is ethical and simple. I recommend him to one & all. Vastu for Office

Mr. Sanjeev Kudalkar
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